Clinton comes out against TPP, by @Gaius_Publius

Clinton comes out against TPP

by Gaius Publius

The final shoe dropped. The last of the four major candidates (or semi-candidates in one case) — Trump Sanders, Biden and now Clinton — has declared a position on TPP. Biden is apparently in favor (and he almost has to be, given his position). Clinton is now opposed.

Here's the video that all the analysts are interpreting:

Note her problems with TPP. Jobs, currency manipulation, the murderous (my phrase) monopolies given to Big Pharma on cancer-saving biologics. The part at the end, about "making changes here," was also interesting.

Of the four items listed above, jobs and making changes here are fairly unspecific. For example, both sides in the TPP debate cite "jobs" as a point in their favor. But the middle two are both specific and quantifiable. In addition, the moral issues around Big Pharma's monopolies are, if you think about it, monstrous — meaning, you have to be a monster to want to make money this way.

This sets up an interesting debate next week, yes?

By the way, she could also have mentioned this, but perhaps that's a little too "in your face, Obama" at this stage of the game. Still, if "TPP enables slave trafficking in Malaysia" ever becomes a right-wing meme, this treaty could go down fast. Trump-fueled House members would be all over it.

(Anyone know someone who knows someone who knows someone with orange hair? If so, feel free to send the link, stat.)