"Every one of you are terrorists, I don't care what you say!"

"Every one of you are terrorists, I don't care what you say!"

by digby

I sure hope the 47 Democrats who voted with the unanimous GOP House to ensure the US makes it almost impossible for Syrian refugees to find asylum in the land of the free are very, very proud that they're adding fuel to this fire:

Spotsylvania’s Muslim community is well-established, having roots that date back 30 years, and Samer Shalaby was there to update members of it about plans for the construction of a new mosque. However, two unknown men arrived at the meeting and began shouting at the civil engineer, one of them yelling “this is evil!”

The other was more specific, informing Shalaby and his guests that “every one of you are terrorists. You can smile at me. I don’t care what you say — every Muslim is a terrorist.”

When some of those in attendance attempted to inform the man otherwise, they were told to “shut your mouth. I don’t want to hear your mouth. I will do everything that I can do to keep you from doing what you’re doing. It will happen. That will happen.”

Many in the meeting applauded the men’s violent outburst, with some telling WUSA9 that they’re concerned the new, larger mosque might be used to house Syrian refugees.

Shalaby told WUSA9’s Peggy Fox that “it just kept getting worse and worse — people were pointing fingers and waiving arms.”

I particularly love that creepy racist pig saying "shut your mouth, I don't want to hear your mouth..."

I just love such liberty loving patriots. Like an opinion writer in the Washington Times: