No honor or decency

No honor or decency

by digby


While Fiorina was campaigning in New Hampshire on Friday, a man referred to Obama as a “black Muslim” and said “he doesn’t want this country to get ahead.”

Fiorina responded that “it’s time to do something different in many ways” as she walked away.

That's awful. And it gets worse:

Fiorina said it wasn’t her job to defend the president, noting that he “isn’t on the ballot.”

“I’ve said on many occasions: President Obama tells me he’s a Christian; I take him at his word,” she said on Fox News on Friday. “But the truth is, President Obama isn’t on the ballot.”

There are many ways she could have handled that. She could have said that there's nothing wrong with being black or Muslim. She could have said the President is a Christian. She could have said that she disagrees with his policies but doesn't think he "doesn't want the country to get ahead."

But no. She fed right into that bigoted nonsense and let it stand and then defended her actions by saying Obama isn't on the ballot as if that means anything. I guess she's all in. The fever swamp beckons.