The birther is back

The birther is back

by digby

Trump was the King of the Birthers going back at least five years. He's back in the saddle:
We can’t close our eyes. I don’t know what’s wrong with Obama, he wants to close his eyes and pretend it’s not happening. Why is he so emphatic on not solving the problem? There’s something we don’t know about. There’s something we don’t know about.
This follows on a conversation he had with the reprehensible Michael Savage last week:
Yesterday, Donald Trump spoke with right-wing radio host Michael Savage about his plan to take on ISIS, bragging that he came up with the U.S. plan to attack the group's oil infrastructure, which he said only started "about two days ago." (The U.S. has actually launched hundreds of attacks against the so-called Islamic State's oil infrastructure since last August.)

"Does anybody say, 'Thank you Donald?" he asked. "Nobody. I've been the only one."

Savage went on to ask Trump what he believes is President Obama's "real reason for flooding America with Muslims from Syria," which Trump said was "hard to imagine."

"Obviously some people think it's evil intentions, I think it's incompetence, regardless, a lot of people think it's evil intentions."
He's being unusually cagey there. Normally he would just come right out and accuse someone of being a terrorist loving Muslim. I expect it won't be long before he does. He's getting there.