They're already "Boehnering" Ryan

They're already "Boehnering" Ryan

by digby

So everyone assumed that Ryan had appeased the right wingers by bringing the refugee "reform" bill to the floor so they and unprincipled timorous Democrats could register their fear and loathing of Syrian orphans in the wake of Paris. Surprise. It doesn't seem to have been enough for the wingnuts after all:

Nearly one-third of the Republicans in the House of Representatives signed a letter calling on party leaders to ensure that a must-pass spending bill block any use of federal funding to resettle refugees from Syria and nearby countries, the bill's sponsor said on Tuesday.

Seventy-four of the 246 House Republicans signed the letter, which was circulated by Republican Representative Brian Babin.

It urges Speaker Paul Ryan and other House leaders to include a provision in an upcoming appropriations bill that would block President Barack Obama's plan to accept 10,000 Syrian refugees in the next year.

Passage of a bill with such language by the Republican-controlled Congress could set up a showdown with Obama, who has promised to veto a standalone bill passed by the House last week setting tighter controls on refugee resettlement.

Congressional aides are negotiating the $1 trillion-plus spending bill, facing a Dec. 11 deadline for it to pass the House and Senate and be signed into law by Obama to avoid a government shutdown.

It's unlikely (although no sure thing!) that Democrats would join this effort. And there are plenty of Republicans who don't want a government shutdown right now. So it appears that Ryan is already being "Boehnered" by the right wing, fueled by talk radio xenophobes who are working themselves into the same anti-immigrant frenzy over Muslims in our midst at their ongoing froth about undocumented migrant workers from Mexico and Central America.

Let's see if he can deal with them any better than Boehner did. I doubt it.