A rare moment of agreement on climate. A start.

A rare moment of agreement on climate. A start.

by digby

So the world came together today and agreed on something. How unusual. That it is an agreement to deal with climate change, the world's most important problem, makes it something positive.

The critics on both the left and right are already weighing in and have many, many, many criticisms. The faith based are mad that anyone's even talking about this "hoax" while the reality/scientifically based are terribly concerned it doesn't go far enough to stop the impending doom. The reality/scientifically based are correct.

But that doesn't mean it is something we should not celebrate. It's very, very difficult to get the world to agree on anything these days. If we had a Republican in the White House the United States would have either laid out of the talks or refused to sign this. By giving the problem the international attention it needs and a commitment to solving it, however inadequate, we have in Naomi Klein's words:

I agree with ActionAid: Paris deal "provides an important hook on which people can hang their demands." https://t.co/isP50IZMWS #cop21
— Naomi Klein (@NaomiAKlein) December 12, 2015

For a full look at the pact and what it means and what it doesn't mean, read this from David Roberts.