Your daily wingnut check-in

Your daily wingnut check-in

by digby

This is being passed around on Facebook today:

Maybe after viewing this video you will understand Barrack Hussein Obama agenda known as the Transformation of America, why they want your guns and what massive unregulated immigration and an open border policy is bringing you.

This is America’s future if Obama and his Socialist Democratic Party of Ineptocracy are not neutralized immediately. Immediate action on your behalf is required. We cannot wait until election 2016 for America’s worse nightmare Killary Klinton to occupy the Whitehouse for eight more years of dictatorial tyranny.

The question you should be asking yourself at this time is. Do you want to live or die? A full version of invasion is here and the reason for the flag and the meaning of the text on the flag can be run through the google translator.

They are working themselves up into a full fledged frenzy.