Alan Grayson is a Superdelegate. Help him decide — Clinton or Sanders? by @Gaius_Publius

Alan Grayson is a Superdelegate. Help him decide — Clinton or Sanders?

by Gaius Publius

It's coming from the feel
That this ain't exactly real
Or it's real but it ain't exactly there

Ah, democracy; it creeps in through the cracks, even through the cracks of the deliberately undemocratic use of superdelegates by the king- and queenmakers in the Democratic Party. (Ironic name, that.)

Here's what I mean by "undemocratic" — Debbie Wasserman Schultz explains it to Jake Tapper (h/t Daily Kos diarist Th0rn; my emphasis):
TAPPER: Hillary Clinton lost to Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire by 22 percentage points, the biggest victory in a contested Democratic primary there since John F. Kennedy. But it looks as though Sanders and Clinton are leaving the Granite State with the same number of delegates in their pockets because Clinton has the support of New Hampshire's superdelegates, these party insiders.

What do you tell voters who are new to the process who say this makes them feel like it’s all rigged?

WASSERMAN-SCHULTZ: Let me just make sure I can clarify what was available during the primaries in Iowa and New Hampshire. The unpledged delegates [superdelegates] are a separate category. ... Unpledged delegates exist, really, to make sure that party leaders and elected officials don’t have to be in a position where they are running against grassroots activists.
... which, of course, is exactly what they are doing, running against the grassroots. She means: "They exist so Party leaders won't have to compete with grassroots activists for control." Tapper replies:
TAPPER: I’m not sure that that answer would satisfy an anxious, young voter but let’s move on.
Clinton and Sanders are competing against each other for regular (pledged) delegates. The superdelegates are competing against the grassroots for control of the process.

Alan Grayson is a Superdelegate. Help him decide whom to endorse.

Which brings us to Alan Grayson. He unDemocratically wants to put democracy back in the process, by asking you to help him decide. Should he support Clinton or Sanders? Read on, or just click this link to help him decide.

Grayson writes:

Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton. Talk to me about it.

I’m a “superdelegate”; I want to listen to you. You decide: Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. The choice is, literally, yours. Go vote now.

Bernie or Hillary? You tell me.

I’m a “superdelegate.” In July, at the Democratic Convention, I will be voting for one or the other. I’d like to know which one you think I should vote for, and why.

Unlike “some people,” I will not be making this decision based on who can host the best fundraiser for me. I will not be making this decision based on what my fat-cat donors tell me, in part because I don’t have any.

I’ll be making this decision based on what you and your friends tell me. I’m inviting you to vote on this, and give your reasons. Democracy – what a concept!

Click here to tell me whom you support for President – and invite your friends to do the same

Look, I’d be perfectly happy if our nominee were chosen exclusively in the primaries. But 15% of the delegates to the Democratic Convention are chosen because of who they are, not whom they support. And I happen to be one of them. I wrestled with that responsibility for a while, until I realized that I don’t have to decide – I can let you decide.

My official title is “Representative.” Isn’t that sort of what “Representatives” are supposed to do? Represent the wishes of others?

So tell me: Bernie or Hillary? And why:


If you want me to endorse Bernie Sanders, then you can vote for me to support Bernie. If you want me to endorse Hillary Clinton, then you can vote for me to support Hillary. If you want me to switch to the Republican party and vote for one of those lunatics, then why are you even reading this? You can expect that to happen when the Atlantic Ocean freezes over. Oh, and Hell, too.

Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton? The choice is yours. Go here to vote right now, and get lots of others to do the same.

Don’t wait too long on this one. The Florida Presidential Primary is just four weeks away, and I’m going to make my decision – excuse me, our decision – long before that. If this works, then maybe other “superdelegates” will follow suit, and netroots activism can turn one of the least democratic elements of the UnDemocratic Party into something really special – a decision Of the People, By the People and For the People.

So what are you waiting for? Go vote. Like now. Stop reading this, and go vote.


Rep. Alan Grayson

What do you mean, “I couldn’t be the president of the United States of America”?
Tell me something, it’s still “We the people”, right?

—Megadeth, “Peace Sells” (1986).

And if you feel like making a contribution to help Grayson fight for real progressive values in the U.S. Senate, you can do that too.