QOTD: A Trump voter

QOTD: A Trump voter

by digby

Michelle Goldberg reports from CPAC:

Susan Najvar, a grandmother from southern Texas and a fan of Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum, used to support Cruz, but says she was disappointed in 2014, when he joined Glenn Beck in bringing clothes and toys to migrant children at the Mexican border. “We said, ‘That’s it,’ ” she told me. Now she’s a passionate Trump backer. “Where we live, those people down there are so fed up, they don’t know what do,” she says. She describes her community being transformed by immigration: “We go into Wal-Mart and they’re speaking Spanish. And we turn around, my husband and I, and say, ‘We’re in China!’
I'm pretty sure they've been speaking Spanish in southern Texas since the conquest. But whatever.
It's interesting that she likes to shop for those cheap good in Walmart but worry that they're in China. But don't worry, Trump's going to take care of that for them. The cheap goods part, I mean.

There are some people there who don't like Trump. But like Rubio and Cruz last night, they'll vote for him:

William Temple, a Georgia pastor who parades around CPAC in Revolutionary War garb, plans to lead a walkout when Trump takes the stage of the convention on Saturday. He calls him a “Mussolini-like figure,” and holds out hope that Cruz could still prevail electorally. “God still has a plan,” Temple told me. “And if he wants Ted Cruz, heaven and earth won’t stop Ted Cruz.” Trump, he says, “could have a heart attack tomorrow. Who knows?”

Yet absent an act of God, Temple doesn’t want to see Trump lose the nomination at a brokered convention. “That would result in a rebellion,” he says. If Trump is ultimately the nominee, he can count on Temple’s vote, even if he does seem like a fascist. “If Trump is my only choice, I will hold my nose like I did when I voted for Romney and I voted for McCain,” he says. It’s as if Trump, for all his fascist tendencies, is really just another RINO, not all that different from Jeb Bush, who Temple protested at last year’s CPAC.

But don't worry, it can't happen here, amirite?