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Monday, March 14, 2016

What he says about women

by digby

I suspect this ad by a conservative PAC will actually gain Trump as many voters as he loses but it's still something people should hear:

If you don't spend your time in the fever swamps as I do you may not be aware of the horrifically repulsive misogyny that still exists in our country.  I'd guess that what Trump has said in public is nothing compared to what he says in private. His fans are far, far more ... pungent. And they aren't the only ones. It's enough to turn your stomach, really.

Trump attracts a lot of women too, all of whom don't mind at all that he thinks of women as one step above animals whose only true function is sex or motherhood:

The Guardian conducted interviews this week with 18 women at four Trump events over 48 hours, including one hosted by John Wayne’s daughter and another where Palin was unveiled as the magnate’s new sidekick. The female supporters – including undecided voters – expressed views consistent with what the former vice-presidential candidate and the billionaire frontrunner agreed is nothing less than a “movement”: anti-establishment, unapologetic and, it turns out, gender-neutral. Not one mentioned that she was turned off by his anti-women remarks.

These are qualities not fully reflected in the very polls Trump holds up as signifying his lead over the Texas senator Ted Cruz and a field of 10. Which is to say, the polls do not tell the whole Trump story. And such conversations offer a window into why Trump could be more popular than anyone ever thought possible.

“I believe it’s a non-gender issue,” said one woman of her choice. “I don’t see any issues about gender relations,” said another, adding: “I don’t even see that as being a problem in America.” As for anyone upset by Trump’s vulgar talk, or – dare a reporter ask it – thinking about a vote for Hillary Clinton instead: those women, the Trumpophiles say, are just trying to make America fail again.

“He’s sick and tired of things, and so am I,” exclaimed Judy Haines of Trump at the event in Norwalk. “You’re not allowed to say what you think.”

Live Trump seeks Florida knockout as Kasich battles for Ohio upset – campaign live
With five states voting in nominating contests on Tuesday, Sanders hopes to maintain midwest momentum while Rubio could be facing his last stand

Nancy Young, a recently retired farmer from Arispe, Iowa, agreed. “This political correctness nonsense is causing us more harm than anything you can imagine,” she said on Tuesday in Winterset, from under the shadow of Wayne’s cowboy hat at his birthplace. “We have the freedom of speech in this country. Well, we can’t! You’re censored for everything you say.”

Trump’s call-it-as-you-see-it approach can seem relatively harmless to the masses, as when he uses it to poke fun at the “low energy” of Republican rival Jeb Bush. But in quiet conversation its effect takes on a severe afterglow.

After bemoaning the loss of free speech, Young went on to say she might have voted for Florida senator Marco Rubio but does not think he’s “eligible” for president, since his parents came from Cuba; she does not believe Barack Obama was born in the US; and while she initially liked the retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, she has changed her mind after seeing how his campaign has been managed.

It kind of breaks my heart but they do have agency and you have to take them seriously. They are soldiers in Trump's army too. And there are millions of them.

Nationally, he's not so popular among women. But it pretty much breaks down by party. It just so happens that Democrats have a lot more women in their party than Republicans do. An ad like this is likely to help get out the vote for the Democratic party in the fall. But GOP women will stick with Trump.