Fetching Blue Yonder by @BloggersRUs

Fetching Blue Yonder

by Tom Sullivan


From the Guardian's live blog: April Fools’ Day 2016: the best jokes from around the world. Now that that we have that out of the way....

We have a rusting, 30 yr-old F-150 pickup. We call it Blue Yonder. It's a real gas hog. Carburated V8. But it uses no gas sitting in the driveway, which it does mostly, so we keep it around for what you keep pickup trucks around for. Which means we use it for moving other people's furniture now and then or for the occasional dump run.

The truck is in the shop this week because it won't start. A week ago, another shop replaced the coil, started it up and returned it. $60 cheap. A few days later, it wouldn't start again. We towed it to our regular shop. They did something with the distributor, said to pick it up tomorrow, then called the next morning to say, no, when they tried it again, it wouldn't start again. Give us another day. We did. They say they've got it fixed now and I'll pick it up this afternoon.

Here's why I'm telling you. These are people who repair vehicles for a living. They do it every day. Have for years. Even then, sometimes it's hard to diagnose what's wrong and fix it right the first time. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is traveling the highways and byways telling enthusiastic throngs of working-class people that America is broken and only he can fix it. Except Trump has zero experience in government and demonstrates that every day. Yet his fans are ready to entrust their beloved country to him.

Would you entrust your F-150 to a real estate developer?