Rand Paul makes a tough decision

Rand Paul makes a tough decision

by digby

Your principled libertarian Rand Paul:

Former presidential candidate Rand Paul said Friday he would still support Donald Trump if the controversial real estate tycoon ends up as the Republican nominee.

Paul's statement, in response to an Enquirer reporter's question, puts him at odds with other Republicans, including Ted Cruz, John Kasich and Donald Trump.

Those three candidates have backed off from earlier pledges to support the Republican nominee no matter what.

Paul, during a visit to Northern Kentucky Friday morning, said he will support whoever is the Republican nominee, even if it's Donald Trump. He said it's better than supporting Democrat Hillary Clinton.

I guess he thinks openly endorsing torture and mass deportation fits in great with his principled commitment to civil liberties.

But hey, Trump did promise to cut taxes, so it's all good, amirite?

(And no this is not the "endorsement" he promised on twitter yesterday. That was an April Fools "joke.")