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Saturday, April 09, 2016

The war on Christians

by digby

The right wing's gearing up. Here's something that landed in my emails this morning:
I cannot overstate the importance of the 2016 Elections.

The next President of the United States, for example will likely have three new Supreme Court appointments . . . and will set the direction of the Supreme Court for generations.

If the next three Supreme Court appointments are radical Leftists, every last remaining trace of Christian influence (including all Christian symbols, crosses, the Ten Commandments, and quotes from the Bible) will be erased.

Christmas will be eliminated as a national holiday-replaced by "Winter Festival."

Ending taxpayer funding for the evil Planned Parenthood organization won't even be an option.

You will continue to be required to pay for health insurance that covers abortion under the ObamaCare mandate.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg of what's at stake in the 2016 Elections.

My name is Brian Burch. I am President of CatholicVote. With more than 600,000 members and supporters, CatholicVote is America's largest pro-life, pro-family lay Christian organization.

What we do is educate and mobilize America's conservative Christians for effective political and civic action. This year specifically, we are focused on registering, educating, and turning out pro-life, pro-family voters in record-smashing numbers for the 2016 Presidential and Congressional Elections.

In fact, CatholicVote is the only sizeable Catholic organization mobilizing conservative, pro-life, pro-family Christians for the 2016 Election.

The very survival of America as the "land of the free" and "One Nation Under God" depends on what happens in the 2016 Elections.

As you've seen, we have a Supreme Court that just does what it wants to do, regardless of what the Constitution or the written law says. The Supreme Court makes up its own laws out of thin air.

In 1973, the Supreme Court found a "right to an abortion" in the Constitution (where no such right exists) and instantly struck down anti-abortion laws in all 50 states-even though the "right to life" is in the Constitution.

In 2015, the Supreme Court invented the right to same-sex "marriage".

Can you imagine how the writers of the Constitution would react to that news? Now imagine if Hillary Clinton gets to appoint two or three more radicals to the Supreme Court!

It's already becoming a "Hate Crime" in America to believe in basic Christian moral teachings.
The Christian owners of Sweet Cakes bakery in Portland, Oregon, were ordered to pay $135,000 in damages to a gay couple for declining to participate in their same-sex wedding.

The state of Texas ordered Jeannette Golden to take down her six-foot by twelve-foot sign of the Ten Commandments even though it was posted on her own property;

Two men were arrested simply for reading the Bible outside the Department of Motor Vehicles office in Helmet, California;

Rather than face additional "civil rights" and "hate crimes" lawsuits from federal, state, and local governments, the Boy Scouts will now allow openly gay Scout Masters;

The San Francisco, California, Board of Supervisors threatened legal action against San Francisco Cardinal Salvatore Cordileone, if he did not remove the requirement that teachers in Christian schools under his jurisdiction uphold Christian moral teachings; and

The Mayor of Houston, Texas, as part of her campaign of intimidation against Christians, issued subpoenas to Houston pastors demanding they turn over copies of their sermons to see if they were opposing gay marriage or saying homosexual conduct is sinful.

America's religious and moral foundations are quickly being erased.

And Hillary Clinton promises to use the power of government to force people to reject Christian moral teachings. Here's what she told the Women's World Summit in April of 2015:

"Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will. And deep-seated religious beliefs have to be changed."

Now that's truly frightening. This is just one reason the 2016 Election is probably the most important Election of our lifetime. The America you love is on the brink of being over.

Our Battle Plan for the 2016 Elections

The key to saving America in 2016 is to maximize turnout in the elections by pro-family, pro-life Christian voters.

Remember, Barack Obama won re-election in 2012 because 14,000,000 eligible pro-family, pro-life Christian voters failed to vote in 2012. Obama won re-election by just 4.9 million votes.

CatholicVote was able to turn this around in the 2014 mid-term Congressional Elections by generating a record-breaking turnout among pro-life, pro-family Christians. The result was sweeping pro-life, pro-family conservative victories in the 2014 mid-term Elections-with conservatives now in solid control of both the U.S. House and Senate.

CatholicVote was a major factor in the huge victories we saw in the 2014 mid-term Elections.

In total, CatholicVote was able to make more than 5,000,000 contacts with pro-life, pro-family Christian voters in the key battleground states and districts.

As a result, faithful Christians turned out in record numbers for the mid-term Congressional Elections and voted for pro-life, pro-family candidates. And the pro-life, pro-family candidate won in every battleground Senate and House race in 2014 where CatholicVote was actively engaged.

Now, with your help and support, we at CatholicVote aim to build on these 2014 mid-term Election victories in 2016. We have put into place the following FOUR-PART Battle Plan for 2016:

Goal #1: Register 2,000,000 brand new pro-life, pro-family Christians in the key battleground states for 2016. 

If we succeed at this, we'll go a long way toward locking in a permanent pro-life, pro-family majority in national elections.

Goal #2: Turnout a total of 10,000,000 eligible pro-life, pro-family Christian voters in 2016 who failed to vote in 2012. 

By our count, 14,000,000 Christians failed to vote in 2012. Again, Barack Obama won re-election in 2012 by just 4.9 million votes.

If we can inspire and motivate just half of these 14,000,000 eligible pro-life, pro-family Christian voters to vote, politicians hostile to faith and family would never win another national election.

Goal #3: Continue Building and Improving CatholicVote's Technology Operations.

They key to CatholicVote's pro-life, pro-family Christian voter education, registration, and mobilization operations is the massive Christian voter database we've been building for the past four years to include data on 55 MILLION Christian voters.

It's the technology that powers all of our voter education, registration, and mobilization operations.

Goal #4: Ensure that every pro-life, pro-family Christian voter casts an informed vote in 2016. 

A major part of what CatholicVote does is educate pro-life, pro-family Christian voters about where the candidates actually stand on the issues. We analyze every politician's voting behavior in Congress, plus their public statements and actions on issues of most concern to Christian voters.

We then distribute Christian VOTER GUIDES to tens of millions of Christian voters.

Oh, and they need money for this. Lots of it.

They should vote for Trump. When he become Fuhrer, he promises to force every business to say Merry Christmas. Not kidding:
"When they don't want to say 'merry Christmas' in department stores anymore. I won't shop at places that don't say 'merry Christmas.' Guess what? I don't too much shopping. No, no, it's true. When I see these stores, and they have a red wall and they have nothing on it. They don't want to say 'merry Christmas' anymore. I say, 'Why don't you say merry Christmas?'" 
"I'll tell you one thing: I get elected president, we're going to be saying 'merry Christmas' again. Just remember that. And by the way, Christianity will have power, without having to form. Because if I'm there, you're going to have plenty of power. You don't need anybody else. You're going to have somebody representing you very, very well. Remember that."