Trump tolerance

Trump tolerance

by digby

In case anyone's getting excited that Donald Trump's unusual decency in saying that he's against the North Carolina trans-discrimination law signals some kind of shift to the center on social issues, get a load of this:
Donald Trump said Thursday that he thinks putting Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill and moving Andrew Jackson to the back of the bill is "pure political correctness."

"Andrew Jackson had a great history," Trump told Matt Lauer on NBC's Today. "I think it's very rough when you take somebody off the bill. Andrew Jackson had a history of tremendous success for the country."

He added that while Tubman is "fantastic," he'd like to see her on "another denomination" — maybe the $2 bill, or maybe a new bill altogether — and leave Andrew Jackson where he is.

"Yes, I think it's pure political correctness," Trump said. "Been on the bill for many, many years and really represented — somebody that was really very important to this country. I would love to see another denomination, and that could take place. I think it would be more appropriate."

Maybe we should create a denomination of $800 for Tubman. That's the average price paid for a slave in the confederacy.

I'm going to guess that Trump's position on the trans-discrimination law is based upon his need to win California where the Evangelical community isn't as powerful and tends to take a more tolerant attitude. He's contrasting himself with Cruz's fire and brimstone condemnation of transgender equality. And frankly, I'd guess he really doesn't care. He's a big city cosmopolitan.

But he has real issues with African Americans. Always has.