Trump's alleged "restraint" didn't last long

Trump's alleged "restraint" didn't last long

by digby

The Fix: The new Donald Trump should scare the hell out of the GOP establishment
Gone was "Lyin' Ted." In its place was "Senator Cruz." Gone was the long-winded speech that went nowhere. In its place was a succinct recitation of states and delegates won. Gone was the two-day vacation as a reward for winning. In its place was an early morning trip to Indiana followed by another planned stop in Maryland. 
Donald Trump 2.0 made his official debut Tuesday night following his sweeping victory in New York, a win that looks to net him 90 delegates and reestablishes him as the man to beat in the Republican presidential race. 
But, Trump has shown -- both on Tuesday night and over the past week or so -- an ability to reign himself in that suggests he understands that this new and improved version of himself is the one that can actually win the Republican presidential nomination. Be scared, anti-Trump forces. Be very scared
Yeah, get a load of his rally in Indianapolis today. He's very presidential.Very statesman like.

Some highlights of his very presidential stump speech today. He seems to have forgotten that he's supposed to change his approach:

"When our country continues to go forward even when it has massive problems, massive deficits .. our country is being taking advantage of and eventually our country is going to be in such trouble and I'm not going to use because I would never use the word, that our country is going to die. It's going to be a much different place if we don't get smart very, very quickly on trade, on defense.


We have to build our military strong, we have to build it big, strong --- powerful!!  So that we're not messed with. Look at what Putin's doing in Russia with nukes! You look at what Putin is doing in Russia with his military! It's modernized. They're building all over, wherever they feel they need they put! We don't do that! We're getting smaller, smaller, weaker, weaker. WE HAVE TO BUILD UP OUR MILITARY. WE HAVE TO MAKE IT STRONG![ WILD APPLAUSE.]

We're gonna build the wall. [Audience chants "Build that wall! Build that wall!"]

He's going to charge a 35% tariffs on goods coming from American companies who relocate overseas.

He bragged about his win in New York for many tedious minutes. Can't stop talking about the jobs lost in New York. Apparently forgets momentarily that he's in Indiana.

"The police forces of this nation have to be given far more credit than they're given." [Audience screams!!!!]

Promises to "bring steel back to Indiana BIG TIME!"

Says Ted Cruz supports Chinese currency cheating. [Audience boos as if they have a clue what he's talking about.]

He's going to stop the drug problem.  And "you know where the problem is emanating from" [Exico-may...]

Then he talks about his Post Office project in Washington. Ivanka is doing a great job. He went from linoleum to marble.

"We're gonna bring our country back folks. Our incompetent leaders don't know about currency cheating, devaluation of our currencies that are eating us alive. I'm a free trader, we've got to be smart. We don't have smart leaders." Blah, blah,blah ....

"Get 'em out! Get 'em out!" [talking about protesters]

He has the safest rallies of anywhere in the country. "We never want anyone hurt, right?, No? What are you talking about?"

The media are the worst, the most dishonest people, they are terrible, and they know it. "Do we hate the media???" [Audience: Yes!!!!]

Then there was a long, long whine about the Republican party system being rigged. Then more stuff about his big New York win. It's a movement. He's on the cover of Time magazine. He's not bought because he has more money than anyone and could more easily buy the election than anyone.

Why do we have such deficits when we shouldn't. Why are we taking such good care of other countries? We are losing out shirts on every single thing we do and we're gonna stop it!!!

He says that when companies want to relocate to another country they go to see the politicians like Cruz and crooked Hillary and they say "go ahead". And he's going to put a stop to that. He won't let them do it.

"We spend more money on the military than anyone else in the world! Why? Because we're defending Germany! We're defending Japan. We're defending South Korea. We're defending Saudi Arabia! We're defending many places. Then we take care of NATO! It's an obsolete deal. I don't mean get rid of NATO I mean modernize it. Because we have a new enemy and it's called radical Islamic terrorism and we have to do something about it."

These countries don't pay. "Either pay or it's bye bye, enjoy defending yourself. Enjoy yourself. I'll be firm, I'll be fair and we'll have better relationships with our allies believe me."

More China bashing. They're destroyed us. They have everything and we have nothing, NOTHING!

Those countries that we help so much have no respect for us.

In the South China Sea they are building a military fortress and they're not supposed to be doing that. All of that stuff ends "when Donald Trump becomes president. "

More China bashing. But says he'll get along with them great. Because he likes them.

Then brags about his vast wealth. We need that kind of thinking because "our country is going to hell." Then he said we're sending all our coal to China who's burning it and isn't cleaning it.

"It's takes guts to run for president, it takes GUTS!"

Iran deal bashing. "We took our prisoners back simultaneously with the checks going. "t was a disgrace." And then "they roughed up our sailors mentally and psychologically. Folks when I'm running things that stuff's not happening. And they'll respect us again!"

"Putin says Donald Trump is a genius. Isn't that nice? Those guys on the debate stage wanted me to disavaow that and I said not in a million years. We'll get along with Russia. And what's wrong with getting along with Russia and what's wrong with getting along with other countries and what wrong if Russia wants to drop million dollar bombs on ISIS? I say, good, good, good. Our military geniuses they say, "oh we don't want to do it, we want to do it ourselves.  Believe me, believe me, we will get rid of ISIS so fast that your head will spin, ok? So fast.

You know, for years and years, I'd read about medieval times, I love history. And in medieval times they chopped off heads.  Now we're living in medieval times. We're weak! We're ineffective! During one of the debates they asked Lyin' Ted about waterboarding. And he didn't want to answer because it was a question, what do you think about waterboarding? And he didn't want to get involved because he was afraid it wasn't politically correct.  And he gave a nothing answer, a weak, pathetic answer like they always give.  They asked me, what do you think about waterboarding Mr Trump, I said 'I love it!' I love it. I think it's great. An I said, the only thing is we should make it much tougher than waterboarding and if you don't think it works folks, you're wrong."

Then he said something about how we have to change those stupid laws so we can be tougher. And then he lied about his objection to the Iraq invasion. He says "we're into them for 5 trillion now" and promises that "we're gonna knock the hell out of them and then we're gonna come back and rebuild our country."

More border patrol and Sheriff Joe Arpaio endorsement garbage. "Do we love the wall??" [audience Yes!!!] More stuff about how Vicente Fox used that very bad word the "f" bomb and nobody reported it.

"The United States has to be taken care of. It's called America First folks!!!" [crowd chants, "USA USA!!!"]

But he loves the Mexicans and Latinos in Nevada love him.

More on the debates: he was "center stage in every one!!!"

Protesters are all phony. Banking systems are ripping us off, he's going to straighten everything out and you're all going to be proud.

He's going to call up Carrier air conditioning from the Oval Office and tell them that if they leave, every single time they make an air-conditioner until they're going to have a major tax to pay when they try to sell it in this country. In 24 hours they'll call him up and say they'll stay.

As a business man all his life he "takes. Take take take." Now he's going to take for the country.

It'll be a real wall, a serious wall and if they ever get to the top of it they'll look down and say "boy it's going to hurt to go down."

"You're going to pay an damn tax if you leave this country!!If I were in office right now Carrier would not be leaving that I can tell you, that I can tell you."

He says O'Reilly said the Trump movemen is the "single most important thing that's happened in his lifetime after the killing of JFK"

More stuff about being taken advantage of.

"Here's the story folks: our country doesn't win anymore, We don't win on trade, we can't even beat ISIS. Can you imagine if you gave the word to General Douglas MacArthur to knock out ISIS? iIt would take him three days. General George Patton who was not a politically correct person so he could probably never be a general as colonel probably couldn't even be a sergeant or a corporal. General George Patton. You say, General? Knock out ISIS. Yes sir! Three days later, "where's ISIS they're gone..."

Oh, and "we should have kept the damn oil. " Then he says we're going to kill oil truck drivers.

And be sure to make America great again.

That's the new restrained Trump. The same as the old demagogue  Trump.  if anything he seemed like he was high from his big win and more arrogant than ever.  Sure, he slipped in a few talking points aimed at Indiana specifically. But not much. The rest of it was his standard sociopathic fascism.

I wonder how long it will take for the media to  realize that his little NY victory speech was a one-off and that he has no intention of changing his style. Because he doesn't. Why would anyone think he would?