What's the matter with Kobach?

What's the matter with Kobach?

by digby

The least surprising "screw-up" of the election season:

The Spanish-language voter guides from Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach's office include two errors about registering to vote in the state, while the English guides do not include the same errors.

The Spanish-language guides said that voters could register up to 15 days before the election, while the English version included the correct deadline, 21 days before the election, as the Daily Kos flagged last week. And while the English guides told voters they could use their passport as a photo ID, the guides in Spanish did not include a passport in the list.

Kobach is notorious for his push to enact strict voter ID laws in the state, impose other voting restrictions, and pursue criminal prosecutions of alleged voting fraud. Kansas faces several challenges to its law requiring proof of citizenship for residents to register to vote.

Craig McCullah, the official in charge of publications for the Kansas secretary of state, claimed responsibility and said that the office would correct the errors, according to the Kansas City Star.

"It was an administrative error that I am diligently working to fix," he said.

McCullah said that the online version of the guide has already been corrected and that they are working to print corrected guides as well.

Kobach's the guy who wrote Arizona's SB 1070 "show us your papers" bill. A guy like that has no credibility when itcomes to a "mistake" like this.