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Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Conservative Movement's new hero

by digby

This is from Richard Viguerie's shop.  I guess the Trump clown show is catching on:

The Leftwing establishment news media has been awash in articles about “gun violence” and about the recent House Democratic Party sit-in on the House Floor to demand unconstitutional limits on the God-given right to keep and bear arms.

What you probably haven’t seen is any coverage of Representative Louie Gohmert (TX-1), the one Republican, the one brave and principled man who defied Paul Ryan and the House Republican “leadership” and who defied Louie Gohmertthe establishment media narrative on the Orlando Muslim terrorist attack to tell the truth about what got 50 innocent Americans killed at the Pulse night club – it was radical Islam, not the Second Amendment.

Rep. Gohmert’s stand for constitutional liberty was captured via cellphone video broadcast on CSPAN, but the establishment media seems to have missed what was probably one of the most dramatic moments in recent House (Boehner and Ryan) history.

The video starts with Democratic Rep. Brad Sherman standing at a microphone saying, “We should be concerned about the civil liberties aspects. There is a right to travel that the courts have found in our Constitution. There is a Second Amendment and neither of those should be taken away from an American frivolously.”

Note for Americans in flyover country; “frivolously” is the Democrats’ new substitute for “unless we coastal elite say so.”

According to a blow-by-blow posted to Hot Air by John Sexton at this point, someone could be heard starting to yell off camera and we’ll let Sexton take it from there:

Rep. Sherman continued, “I know the gentleman is afraid of what I have to say…” Then Democrats began trying to shout down the person disrupting their PR stunt, yelling slogans like “No fly, no buy.” But the disruption continued and at that point Democrats began demanding the person creating the disruption come down to the floor to “debate.”

“It appears as if the gentleman is afraid to vote and afraid to debate,” Sherman said to someone off camera. He added, “And given the weakness of his arguments and his position, his fear is well founded.” This brought a round of applause from Democrats.

Apparently that was enough for Rep. Gohmert. He approached the podium and, pointing at a poster of victims of the Orlando attack yelled, “Radical Islam killed these poor people.”

Rather than debate him as they had promised, Democrats began chanting “No fly, no buy” in an effort to shout Gohmert down. It’s impossible to hear what Gohmert says next because of the noise. Rep. Brad Sherman started to engage with Gohmert but another Democrat runs up to the microphone to stop him. Democrats didn’t want a debate.

As Democrats continued chanting, “No bill, no break” to drown Gohmert out, Rep. Scott Peters, who was holding the camera, shouted, “Why are you protecting terrorists?”

Gohmert repeated, “Radical Islam killed these people” a couple more times and then moved away from the microphone where he was surrounded by Democrats.

You can watch the entire CSPAN video through this link.

Much of what Gohmert attempted to get across wasn’t audible on the video clip due to the Democrats’ chants, but he added again and again that “radical Islam killed these people!”

The Los Angeles Times reported that Gohmert pointed at a poster held by Rep. Corrine Brown — a Democrat who represents the section of Orlando where the terror attack occurred — and that Gohmert and Brown had to be physically separated during a heated argument.

To us that isn’t entirely clear from the video, but if it is true then we say “Go Louie.”

House Republicans under Speaker John Boehner and his acolyte Paul Ryan couldn’t collectively muster enough emotional fire to light a birthday candle, let alone to cast any light on the lies Democrats use in their continual attempts to blind Americans to the threats to constitutional liberty their gun control proposals represent.

But Louie Gohmert, one man with principles – and a gut level love for his country and constitutional liberty – can do what a gallery full of House Republican mice would never dare – get mad, get emotional, get angry and confront the Democrats about what really got 50 people killed in Orlando.

And it wasn’t “gun violence” it was radical Islam.

Day in and day out, Louie Gohmert (TX-1), stands almost alone in holding the Big Government Republican establishment’s feet to the fire and demanding they adhere to conservative policy prescriptions.

Gohmert was a leading figure in the conservative rebellion that led to the resignation of the feckless John Boehner as Speaker of the House – and he was one of the few who stood for conservative principle to oppose the backroom deals that led to the election of Paul Ryan as Speaker to replace his mentor John Boehner.

Louie Gohmert’s real contribution to the future of America isn’t introducing bills; it is doing what he did on the House floor shining the light of day on Democrat hypocrisy, government abuse and establishment Republican perfidy.

There is no Republican who takes to the floor of the House more often than Rep. Gohmert to rally conservative votes or hold the GOP leaderships’ feet to the fire; from defending the Second Amendment, to defunding Planned Parenthood, to border security and sanctuary cities, more often than not the leading conservative spokesman is Texas Representative Louie Gohmert.

Republicans looking to recapture the political initiative from Obama and the Democrats need only follow the lead of Rep. Louie Gohmert and the GOP would be a slam dunk to win the White House in 2016 and build a super majority in Congress.

Rep. Gohmert’s DC office is (202) 225-3035 and the House Switchboard is 1-866-220-0044 we urge you to call Rep. Gohmert and thank him for standing for the Second Amendment and constitutional liberty – tell him he’s not alone, there are millions of Americans like us who support him.
Has anyone asked Louie if he'd be willing to serve as VP? He fits the criteria --- he knows Washington. I think he and Trump would make quite a (comedy) team ...