The end of the Christian Right?

The end of the Christian Right?

by digby

I wouldn't be so sure. But this guy seems to think so:
I attended the very first meeting of the Moral Majority held in Indianapolis in February of 1980. I was the Washington state director of the MM and have been a leader of the "Christian right" ever since.

Today an estimated 1,000 evangelical leaders are making a pilgrimage to Trump Tower to "listen" to Donald Trump.

The organizer of this meeting came to my office to tell me in person why I wasn't being invited. I had been too vocal in my anti-Trump views.

I appreciated his courtesy in coming to me and he agreed that the obvious implication of the meeting was to rally support for Trump.

While I don't question the motives of those who are trekking to the Tower, I strongly dissent from the wisdom of their chosen path.

This meeting marks the end of the Christian Right.

The premise of the meeting in 1980 was that only candidates that reflected a biblical worldview and good character would gain our support.

Today, a candidate whose worldview is greed and whose god is his appetites (Philippians 3) is being tacitly endorsed by this throng.

They are saying we are Republicans no matter what the candidate believes and no matter how vile and unrepentant his character.

They are not a phalanx of God's prophets confronting a wicked leader, this is a parade of elephants.

In 1980 I believed that Christians could dramatically influence politics. Today, we see politics fully influencing a thousand Christian leaders.

This is a day of mourning.

Here's what came out of that meeting:

NEW: Trump announces Evangelical Executive Advisory Board.
— ABC News Politics (@ABCPolitics) June 21, 2016

They seem to be happy to work with him. Even Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention who has been a harsh critic.

Let's hear no more from these people about "morals and values" ok? Or even the Bible. Or the weather.

Update: Right Wing Watch has the dossier on all these fine folks.