The perfect Trump spokesperson by @BloggersRUs

The perfect Trump spokesperson

by Tom Sullivan

Photo by Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons.

Reacting to yesterday's Hillary Clinton speech in which she called Donald Trump's ideas "dangerously incoherent," this comment from former Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) on Fox News made me laugh out loud:

Perry, who backed Trump in May, said Clinton is not used to taking criticism and called out the Democratic front-runner for not holding a press conference in months. He said she does not "want to take hard questions from the media" or in a debate setting.
Not used to taking criticism except for that time Clinton got savaged by the health insurance lobby over her health care reform plan, and the eleven hours of questioning in the House Benghazi hearings where she "never lost her cool," and that third time Perry couldn't remember.

Perry went on:
"Donald Trump understands what the American people are really tuned into today, and all of these attacks that we saw or we heard her talk about today — I think it's just off the skin of the duck, off the back of the duck," Perry said on Fox News.

"This is just water that's flowing out of her that's not having any impact."
Mr. Dangerously Incoherent may have found the perfect spokesperson. Move over, Sarah Palin.