We're number one

We're number one

by digby

Via the New York Times:

As usual Cliff Schecter get right to the point on the gun problem:

What do I write when America has once again been turned into a shooting gallery—this time in a hate-filled attack on the gay and lesbian community—setting still another recordfor the worst mass shooting in American history? In fact, the deadliest attack here since 9/11. The kind of wholesale slaughter of innocents that I and others have predicted time and again?

I guess the onus is on me to find something new to say when I’ve been writing about this issue for over a decade and the song remains the same. Let’s start here: Why the suspected shooter (I won’t name him as I respect the “no notoriety” campaign), did what he did, is mostly irrelevant. No, not to the investigators, who need to piece together exactly what happened and why it occurred. But to those of us who won’t allow flacks who profit from our gun culture to derail the discussion into howling about “Sharia Law” or Spongebob Squarepants. The “why” is just not nearly as important as the “how.”

Be it Isla Vista, Aurora, or Orlando, whatever the why, bullets still kill.

Sigh. Read on.