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Saturday, July 09, 2016

QOTD: Mark Fuhrman

by digby

This is the expert Fox calls in to talk about Black Lives Matter:

MEGYN KELLY (HOST): There's been, you know, a big brush. A lot of these folks paint with a very big brush, Mark, and they find a couple of shootings that are deeply problematic. There's no question we've seen that over the past year and try to push a narrative that all cops are bad, and all cops are out to kill innocent young black men.

MARK FUHRMAN: Well, Megyn, we could have done this for the last five decades, 10 decades. You can always find something that doesn't look like justice was served one way or another, where somebody made a mistake, somebody was overzealous, somebody was overaggressive. If you're going to take this micro-moment in the history of a city, a county, a state or a country and use that as a movement, you can never combat this. There's always going to be something. It's like having a perfect family. It doesn't exist.
Yeah he knows a little something about "overaggression."  Here's a another quote from Fuhrman back in the day:

I had 66 allegations of brutality: AEW, under color of authority, assault and battery under color authority. Torture, all kinds of stuff. Two guys, well, there was four guys. Two of my buddies were shot and ambushed, policemen. Both alive and I was first unit on the scene. Four suspects ran into a 2nd story in a apartment projects -- apartment. We kicked the door done. We grabbed a girl that lived there, one of their girlfriends. Grabbed her by the hair and stuck a gun to her head, and used her as a barricade. Walked up and told them: `I've got this girl, I'll blow her fucking brains out, if you come out with a gun.' Held her like this -- threw the bitch down the stairs -- deadbolted the door -- Let's play, boys.

Q: Can we use that in the story?

A: It hasn't been 7 years. Statute of limitations. I have 300 and something pages internal affairs investigation just on that one incident. I got several other ones. I must have about 3000 or 4000 pages of internal affairs investigations out there. Anyway, we basically tortured them. There was 4 policemen, 4 guys. We broke 'em. Numerous bones in each one of them. their faces were just mush. They had pictures on the walls, there was blood all the way to the ceiling with finger marks like they were trying to crawl out of the room. They showed us pictures of the room. It was unbelievable, there was blood everywhere. All the wall, all the furniture, all the floor. It was just everywhere. These guys, they had to shave so much hair off, one guy they shaved it all off. Like 70 stitches in his head. You know, knees, cracked, oh it was just -- We had 'em begging that they'd never be gang members again, begging us. So with 66 allegations. I had a demonstration in front of Hollenbeck station chanting my name. Captain had to take them all into roll call, and that's where the internal affairs investigation started. It lasted 18 months. I was on a photo lineup, suspect lineup. I was picked out by 12 people. So I was pretty proud of that. I was the last one interviewed. The prime suspect is always the last one interviewed. They didn't get any of our unit - 38 guys - they didn't get one day. The custodian -- the jailer of the Sheriff's Department got 5 days, since he beat one of the guys at the very end . . . Boy, you know, and started . . .

Immediately after we beat those guys, we went downstairs to the garden hose in the back of the place. We washed our hands. We had blood all over our legs, everything. With a dark blue uniform, you know, and in the dark, you can't see it. But when you get in the light and it looks like somebody took red paint and painted it all over you. We had to clean our badges off with water, there was blood all over 'em. Our face [sic] had blood on them. We had to clean all that. We checked each other, then we went our, we were directing traffic. And the chiefs and everything were coming down because two officers were shot, `Where are the suspects?' `I think some of these officers over here got them,' they took them to the station. Somehow nobody knows who arrested them. We handcuffed them and threw them down two flights of stairs, you know. That's how they came. That's where a lot of people saw, you know.

`Look out! Here comes one. O my God, look out, he's falling! I mean you don't shoot a policeman. That's all there is to it. But anyway, the point is -- Well, they know I did it. They know damn well I did it. There's nothing they could do, but I could. Most of those guys worked the 77th together. We were tight. I mean, we could have murdered people and got away with it. We were tight. We all knew what to say. We didn't have to call each other at home, and say, `Okay.' We all knew what to say. Most real good policemen understand, that they would love to take certain people, and just take them to the alley and blow their brains out.

Fox is just shameless. But you knew that.