Rush is askeered

Rush is askeered

by digby

Crazy left wing hippies

The left is gearing up for violence:
Pointing to violent protests in Baltimore and Ferguson, Missouri, as examples, the bombastic radio host said a Trump victory would precipitate mass outrage from Democrats around the country. He predicted a wave of recount demands, regardless of how close the election actually is, as well as lawsuits from Democrats attempting to upend a Trump presidency. 
“I want you to think: What’s going to happen that night? What’s going to happen the next day? What’s going to happen every day there after? What’s going to happen the day Trump gets inaugurated? What is the left going to do? They’re not going to just sit idly by and accept this,” Limbaugh said. “They’re going to do everything they can to undermine it, and I think we’re going to see levels of violence that we have not seen. 
“I think people are going to be shocked at the degree to which the left intends to intimidate people into reversing that result,” he continued. "I think they’re going to do everything they can to see it that Trump never does get inaugurated.”
Right. Because it's the left that's buying up AR-15s like they're going out of style. 

But you have to laugh. These are people who spent the Clinton years saying "he is not my president" and then spent the Obama years saying "he's not a legitimate president." And when they stole the election in 2000, they smugly told everyone to "get over it."

I think a better question would be, what are all these armed to the teeth Trump-lovers going to do if he doesn't get elected?