Just how many Nazis are on his team anyway?

Just how many Nazis are on his team anyway?

by digby

You'll remember the above neo-Nazi Trump volunteer that PBS profiled a while back. Here's another big anti-Semite in his inner circle of advisers:
Allegations of anti-Semitism have surfaced against one of Donald Trump’s foreign policy advisers, raising further questions about the guidance the Republican presidential nominee is receiving.

Joseph Schmitz, named as one of five advisers by the Trump campaign in March, is accused of bragging when he was Defense Department inspector general a decade ago that he pushed out Jewish employees.

The revelations feed two themes that his opponent Hillary Clinton has used to erode Trump’s credibility: That he is a foreign policy neophyte, and that his campaign, at times, has offended Jews and other minorities.

Schmitz, who is a lawyer in private practice in Washington, says the allegations against him are lies. All three people who have cited the remarks, including one who testified under oath about them, have pending employment grievances with the federal government.

Daniel Meyer, a senior official within the intelligence community, described Schmitz’s remarks in his complaint file.

“His summary of his tenure’s achievement reported as ‘…I fired the Jews,’ ” wrote Meyer, a former official in the Pentagon inspector general’s office whose grievance was obtained by McClatchy.

Meyer, who declined to comment about the matter, cited in his complaint another former top Pentagon official, John Crane, as the source and witness to the remarks. Crane worked with Schmitz, who served as inspector general between April 2002 and September 2005.
It's not like he couldn't have known this. This guy's father was a well known Bircher. And his sister is the notorious Mary Kay Letourneau.

I'm beginning to think we needn't worry about his "extreme, extreme, vetting" because this man couldn't vet his way out of a paper bag. Of course it's just as likely that he did vet this fellow and found his anti-Semitic qualifications to be sterling.