Voting Worries, Real and Otherwise by tristero

Voting Worries, Real and Otherwise

by tristero

I'm less worried about the what's going on now - which doesn't mean I'm at all sanguine, this is a very scary election season - than I am about what could happen during and after the voting. There is a very real danger that voting machines could be hacked. Micah Sifry, one of the co-founders of Civic Hall explains in an email blast to members today what the problems could entail:

Gary Legum in Salon expands on this last point, the danger that Trump and his (often armed) followers are unlikely to accept the results of even a perfectly fair election. He has a lot of information on Trump's prior paranoid history of claiming rigged results. He reminds us that Roger Stone, an unofficial advisor to Trump, was involved in the infamous Brooks Brothers riot during the 2000 recount that resulted in 8 years of Bush, Jr.

Jamelle Bouie in Slate shares Legum's concerns and has more on Stone's comments.