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Thursday, September 08, 2016

Does anyone know what White House delegation Trump is talking about?

by digby

There have been hours of discussion today about Trump lying about being against the Iraq war. There's nothing on the record about him being critical of it until long after it started. Fact checkers have declared him pants on fire many times over this.

But he said something in passing last night that deserves a deeper look:
Lauer: But you are prepared? 
Trump: Totally prepared, remember this. I have found this subject and these subjects of interest all of my life, Matt, this hasn't been only the last 14 months. I've found these subjects of tremendous interest. That's why they were asking me about Iraq 14 years ago. They were asking me these questions. They don't ask business people these questions. 
Who was asking him about Iraq 14 years ago?  What was he talking about. If Lauer were a little more on the ball he might have followed up.

But in writing my Salon piece for this morning, I came across the following quotes from one of his rallies and apparently it isn't the only time he's said this:
Trump: So, Iran is taking over Iraq, second largest oil reserves in the world, Iran is taking over Iraq, so when it happened with Iraq, I said we shouldn't go in.

And a delegation came to see me from the White House, because I get, for whatever reason, without PR or without anything, but for whatever reason, I get a disproportionate amount of publicity. (Turns to audience behind him) Do you agree? (applause, screams of "Yeah!") Look at them, they're still standing! Will you sit down? You people are great. Sit down. You must like me to be standing...Look how handsome. He's better looking than his father.

So what happens is, you look at Iraq, and I said don't do it. So a delegation comes to see me from the White House that they'd like to have me ... and I said you're making a mistake, you're going to destabilize the whole middle east.

Cuz you had Iran and Iraq who always fight. Years, I read about wars. Iran goes ten feet this way then ten feet that way. They were the same. They were like twins! Same strength! Saddam Hussein would use gas, then they'd use gas and we'd read about it and I said yeah, but if you do that you'll destabilize because you're going to knock the hell out of one and the other one will take over
I mean you don't have to be a total genius to figure this out even though I am a genius, ok?  So they go in they knock it out, I was very vocal about it, I said you're making a mistake. And, by the way, I'm more militaristic than anybody in this room. Just so you understand. I'm going to make the military so strong, so powerful ... (Cheers, clapping)

Trump says the White House sent a delegation to see him and ask him whether they should invade Iraq and he told them no because well ... you saw it.

It seems to me that someone should be able to verify if this delegation really existed. We know Trump is delusional --- he says he personally saw Muslims jumping up and down cheering on 9/11 among hundreds of other completely made up events. This is likely another one. He said this just today:
Frankly, nobody really cared too much about what I said. I--- doing business. I don't even know why I was asked the questions. I guess because I was asked the questions. That's, who knows? 
Who asked him for an opinion about Iraq at the time??? Can't some journalist at least ask him for some specifics on this question?

Here's the youtube of the rally where he said a White House delegation came to him.  The remarks are about 38 minutes in.