Gary's downside

Gary's downside

by digby

Kevin Drum noticed that polling shows there are a fairly significant number of Sanders voters who are saying they prefer to vote for Gary Johnson over Clinton. He thought it was worthwhile to list some of Johnson's policy positions:

In one sense, this is easy to understand. Johnson favors legalization of marijuana. He's good on civil liberties and wants to cut way back on overseas military interventions. He's moderate on immigration. He's pro-choice and supports gay rights. There are plenty of things for Bernie supporters to like about him.

On the other hand, Johnson is a libertarian. Here's a smattering of what else he believes:

His position on choice, by the way, is that it's up to the states. So your "personal freedom" is subject to whatever yahoos in the state capitol decide it is i you're a woman. But hey, whatever. People feel differently about fundamental human rights in different parts of the country so we shouldn't force them to acknowledge those they think are icky. But other than that he's a real civil liberties champion.