ICYMI Stuntman Flies over Snake River Canyon on Evel Knievel's Skycycle @spockosbrain

ICYMI Stuntman Flies over Snake River Canyon on Evel Knievel's Skycycle

by Spocko

Because a certain short-fingered vulgarian sucked up all the media's time and attention, you might have missed this really exciting and suspenseful story yesterday.
Stuntman Eddie Braun successfully launches rocket over Snake River Canyon
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Stuntman Eddie Braun successfully flew over Snake River Canyon on an exact duplicate of Evel Knievel's X2 Skycycle. Link to KBOI video

Braun has said the rocket was identical to the model Knievel used for his failed canyon attempt on Sept. 8, 1974.

Months of testing was performed on the rocket designed by Scott Truax, whose father constructed the original "X2 Skycycle" for Knievel.

Truax followed his father's blueprints down to the last bolt and deviated only by updating the parachute system.
Popular Mechanics

THIS is the event the news networks should have gone to yesterday instead of a hotel launch promo.

was a real suspenseful story, it has never been done successfully. The last attempt was 42 years ago. Braun could have literally crashed and burned, not just metaphorically.

THIS would have justified multiple film crews and live reporters at the location.

Instead they got conned. A few fought back though, Robert Mackey of the Intercept tells that story. My favorite part is this.

After Trump left the room, the ABC News producer Candace Smith, who was designated to follow him on his tour of the new hotel on behalf of her colleagues in the press pool, reported that she was physically restrained from accompanying her camera operator.

That led to a decision to delete footage of Trump giving his hotel an inspection tour.
A source says Trump broadcast pool just erased tape of his tour of the hotel in protest of bait-and-switch w no editorial access.
— Maggie Haberman (@maggieNYT) September 16, 2016
That'll show him! Too bad the show of solidarity among the MSM didn't happen earlier. That video deleting protest won't be seen or known about by most of the public. I won't say the act is futile, but if the broadcast journalists who got conned REALLY wanted to make a statement, they'll do their job, get in there and ask real questions, with follow-ups and do real-time fact checking.

Meanwhile, breaking news about the media in Texas.

VICE News reporter arrested outside a Donald Trump campaign event | VICE News https://t.co/AaXY7XMK2z
— Katy Tur (@KatyTurNBC) September 17, 2016

What's that old line by the guy on the 100 bill? "If we don't hang together...

The media admit they chase ratings. They know people like races and they cover stunts all the time. At least after going to this real stunt and filming it they wouldn't feel so dirty and used afterwards.