So, that went well

So, that went well

by digby

Now THAT looks like a president, amirite? 

So eight of the first nine questions at the Commander in Chief forum were about Clinton's emails. According to the press she was defensive and irritated do some reason and therefore blew it. Then when she tried to answer complicated questions about Iran, Matt Lauer interrupted her and said he didn't have much time left and a lot of other questions.

Then Trump came on and babbled incoherently making the Fact Checkers heads explode but it won't matter. The consensus is that it was a tie with the edge going to Trump because he so masterfully avoided the questions by being so outrageous that all you can do is watch with your jaw agape thinking about what countries might be spared nuclear fallout. As Gloria Borger said last night: "it's what we expect from him," so no harm to foul.

I'm not going to fact check him --- others will be up all night doing that. But I do think it's important to point out that while a number of lefties were out in force saying that it wasn't fair to label Trump as being for Libya since all he did was make a passing remark on a radio show, he said this at the time: