Your next president ladies and gentlemen

Your next president ladies and gentlemen

by digby

Trump was up in the middle of the night doing this:

Even Chuck Todd had to comment:
“On the day that USA Today calls him unfit for the presidency, he wakes up at 3 in the morning, and starts attacking this civilian again,” Todd said.

“This is a pattern for him,” Todd continued. “When he gets into a bad place — and he is in a bad place right now — there is clearly discord in the campaign, the campaign staff’s not happy with him, he’s not happy that they’ve leaked stories — so there’s some anger there.”

Todd expressed concern for Trump’s emotional well-being and his temperament.

“He is an unhappy man — and when he is, he lashes out,” Todd said.

Of course, he's the same guy who did this:

By the way, Machado wasn't the person in the sex tape.