Trump wants to be president of all Americans who agree with him

Trump wants to be president of all Americans who agree with him

by digby

So Mike Pence reassured everyone today that Trump is nothing like the cretinous proto-fascists he appears to be and we can all relax:

Here's Dear Leader at 3 AM this morning:

He's very bothered by this. It's the fourth tweet he's done since it happened, one of which he deleted.

Setting aside the fact that our new president has the mind of a child, imagine how he will react to a foreign country behaving in a way he finds "disrespectful." Or if protests continue to grow during his presidency? 

He demands deference, fealty and obeisance and obviously sits around in the middle of the night fulminating over people failing to show what he considers to be the proper respect. If he gains popularity in the country, and there's a good chance he will (I'm already seeing evidence that some quarters of the left see him as a heroic rebel for smiting the hated establishment and "identity politics") it could lead to some pretty unimaginable outcomes.    

Mike Pence is right: Trump does want to be president of all Americans. But he sees that happening by quelling dissent and forcing people who disagree with him to fall in line.  If you want to be part of the America Donald Trump is leading, you will treat him and his administration with proper honor and decorum. 

That's what all those people who voted for him want for themselves too. This demand is what they liked about him. They want all those "other people" to shut up and bow down. As he said at the Republican Nuremburg Convention in Cleveland: "I am your voice." 

But keep in mind that bowing down will never be enough. Not even submission. You must be avowedly with them.

Update: A lot of people think this is a brilliant strategy on Trump's part to keep people from talking about his fraud settlement. It isn't. This is him. That his chaotic mind and method makes it hard for his foes to focus on any one thing is true. But it's not his plan. He has no plan. This is just how his mind works.

This incident is a window into what Trump cares about and people should be chilled by it. This is an authoritarian to the bone and a half mad one at that.  He's in the hands of right wing extremists whispering into his ears what they want him to hear. And on January 20th he will be running the most powerful police and military forces in world history.