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Thursday, November 10, 2016

"Trump's victory is a valuable lesson"

by digby

Considering that the media and most thinkers in the country now believe that this race really did have nothing to do with sexism, here's a spot on right wing explanation for Trump's win.
Never Bet Against the Patriarchy, Kids
Trump’s victory is a valuable lesson, if you’ll pay attention

Hegemonic masculinity scored a big win Tuesday night. Every feminist on Twitter was shrieking in despair and raging in fury at the result of the election in which Donald Trump’s win was interpreted as a referendum in favor of racism, sexism, homophobia and every other species of hate.

“All my friends on Facebook are going crazy,” my daughter-in-law said, when she came to pick up my grandson Wednesday. (Grandpa is an experienced babysitter, in addition to being an award-winning political commentator.) My daughter-in-law is 23 and her young friends had apparently bought into the liberal media narrative of the campaign, i.e., Trump is basically Hitler.

“Just don’t tell anyone how you voted,” I advised her.

“Oh, trust me, I won’t.”
Do I know that my daughter-in-law voted for Trump? No. For all I know, she might have voted for that dopehead Libertarian Gary Johnson. I interviewed Johnson once, in Las Vegas in 2010, and drew the conclusion that his pro-marijuana stance was not strictly a matter of politics, IYKWIMAITYD. Anyway, I can’t be accused of “outing” my daughter-in-law as a Trump voter, but certainly she wasn’t “going crazy” like her young friends on Facebook, for whom the defeat of Hillary Clinton was an apocalyptic catastrophe.

If you were (a) married, (b) white and (c) Christian, you probably voted for Donald Trump, whether you were male or female. Whereas unmarried women preferred Hillary Clinton by nearly a 2-to-1 margin, married women were almost equally divided, according to the exit polls published by CNN.

The day she joined the oppressive patriarchy.
My daughter-in-law is white and Christian, but so are most of her friends. Unlike her Trump-hating friends, however, she’s married. My son is not a huge Trump fan, but he is a married man, and that’s a 58% Trump demographic, whereas the anti-Jesus vote went 59% for Clinton. (Democrats hate God.)

The typical Trump voter was over 40 and also white. Yet the fact is, even younger white voters preferred Trump to Clinton. Notice that white people amounted to more than 70% of the exit-poll survey. Despite all the talk about multiculturalism and ethnic diversity, there are still upwards of 200 million white people in America, and it’s still legal for white Americans to vote. Also notice that 64% of the electorate is over 40, and no matter how much noise you Millennials make, we old folks still got y’all outnumbered.

Notice something? While only 4% of black women voted for Trump, black men were about three times more likely (13%) to vote for Trump. When you consider how many times Trump was labeled “racist” (basically Hitler) by Democrats and their media buddies, it’s pretty impressive for him to get about 1-out-of-8 votes from black men, and Trump got 1-out-of-3 votes from Hispanic males. Why? Because he’s a man, baby — a very successful man who says what he thinks and isn’t going to let some woman boss him around. Trump es muy macho, Trump es el hombre grande, and you’ve got to figure a lot of Latino guys respect a man with that kind of old-fashioned swagger.

Money talks, right? Trump’s business success was his basic claim to fame, and he did best with middle-class and upper-income voters who, in case you didn’t notice, comprised 65% of the electorate. A majority of voters (55%) reported household income between $50,000 and $200,000 a year, whereas only 36% came from families earning less than $50,000. The rich might feel sympathy for the poor, but folks with money in the bank usually vote Republican.

He's not wrong.  Hillary Clinton may have won the popular vote but Trump won the Real American vote. And they are the only people who have ever mattered in this country.

Amanda Marcotte has more on this, from the slightly less celebratory perspective.