One true wingnut

One true wingnut

by digby

Trump, of course. People seem to think he isn't one, but he is.  Buzzfeed analyzed Trump's twitter feed and it's fascinating to see who he reads and tweets. He's just your average freeper:

During campaign season Trump shared more Breitbart links to his more than 15 million followers than any other news organization (in August Breitbart chairman Steve Bannon joined Trump’s campaign as CEO and will enter the West Wing in January as Trump’s senior White House adviser). While Trump also shares links from mainstream sites — his second most shared site during the time period analyzed was the Washington Post — Trump’s preferred content seems to be right-leaning, hyper-partisan sites and opinion blogs including Daily Caller (21 links), Newsmax (18), the Gateway Pundit (14 links), the Conservative Treehouse (11), the Political Insider (1), Conservative Tribune (1), Infowars (1), (5), and (1). Trump’s Twitter account also shares links from a number of obscure personal blogs, like, which hosted a joke post about a fake game show about Monica Lewinsky hosted by a character named “Stink Fartinmale.”

There's just no doubt what we are dealing with: a far right nut. Which explains his appointment of another far right nut as his National Security adviser.

God help us.