Welcome to Trumpistan by @BloggersRUs

Welcome to Trumpistan

Tom Sullivan

This note was left on my car this morning in Rockville, MD because I'm Jewish and I support #blacklivesmatter. Yes, that's a yellow star. pic.twitter.com/5Jd4gZfvG8

— Mikey Franklin (@mikeyfranklin) January 7, 2017

Buzzfeed has this:

Jewish couple Sonya and Mikey Franklin also told BuzzFeed News their Rockville home was vandalized with toilet paper thrown around their trees and eggs thrown at the side of their car.

“The purpose was to scare us, and they succeeded because we’re scared,” Mikey Franklin told BuzzFeed News. “Not that people will harm us, but that there are people that would do this in our very diverse area.”

The handwritten note, scribbled in a block-type handwriting, also included a yellow star of David and the word “Jude” (German for Jew), similar to the badges Nazis made Jewish people wear during the Holocaust.


Franklin said the note and the vandalism came just two days after they took down a Black Lives Matter flag they hung from their kitchen window, which faces the public street.

It begins online. But it never ends there. The next 4 years will require unceasing resistance to Trump and the hatred that he offers.

— Mikey Franklin (@mikeyfranklin) January 7, 2017

This is not just distant and random anymore. Mikey is someone I've met.