"Let it be a disaster" Trump's new credo

"Let it be a disaster" Trump's new credo

by digby

A horrific little nugget of  malignant stupidity, even for Trump, came out of his mouth this morning, talking about the ACA:
"Let it be a disaster, because we can blame that on the Dems that are in our room -- and we can blame that on the Democrats and President Obama," Trump said in remarks to the National Governors Association. "But we have to do what's right, because Obamacare is a failed disaster."

He also used some strained logic to explain why Obamacare’s popularity has continued to generally tick up, with a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll released last week finding that 43 percent of voters think the law was a good idea, while 41 percent said it was a bad idea. (It was a slight dip from January, in which 45 percent said the law was a good idea, but overall, the law’s popularity has been steadily rising over the past two years).

Trump on Monday theorized that polls show the program’s approval rating climbing not because people like it, but because they know Republicans will soon repeal it. He did not offer more of an explanation for the claim.

“People hate it, but now they see that the end is coming, and they're saying, ‘Oh, maybe we love it,’” Trump said. “There's nothing to love. It's a disaster, folks.”

He also seemed to express surprise at the complexity of the reform process. “I have to tell you, it’s an unbelievably complex subject,” Trump said. “Nobody knew that health care could be so complicated.”

Yeah, nobody knew. He thought he could have one of his hideous little minions write up an executive order and make it all happen.

Just a little reminder about our new president's "compassion" about sick people:

Donald Trump has admitted cutting off medical treatment to his nephew’s sick baby after he allegedly had his alcoholic brother’s children cut out of his father’s will.

In an interview with the New York Times, Trump said he retaliated because he was ‘angry because they sued’.

His brother Freddy, a pilot, had died an alcoholic in 1981, aged 43.

He had two children – named after his parents Fred and Mary – with a stewardess he married at age 23 called Linda Clapp. The couple later divorced.

When the family patriarch Fred Sr., died in 1999, Freddy’s son, Fred III, spoke at the funeral. Later that night, his wife went into labor but the baby had cerebral palsy.

The Trump family promised to pay the medical bills.

But when Fred Sr.’s will was read, it revealed that the majority of his inheritance would be split between his children – except Freddy Trump Jr.

Freddy’s children sued and alleged that Donald - who helped draft the will - and his surviving siblings had influenced Fred Sr., who had suffered from dementia.

They also said an earlier version of the will had said they would receive a share of their grandfather’s fortune – believed to have been more than $20million.

So the real estate mogul, the frontrunner for the GOP's presidential nomination, got his revenge by withdrawing the medical care for his nephew’s sick child.

He's a truly malevolent human being. Don't underestimate his willingness to inflict pain and horror upon others. Look what he did to his own family.