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Monday, March 06, 2017

"If they want a war, let's let them have it. "

by digby

Take a moment and watch this very popular wacko incite Trump (and his voters) to violence against Americans:

ALEX JONES: And the president’s super smart. When I say dog-like, I mean honorable, true, delivering on what he said. He’s like a Saint Bernard going and rescuing people in the frozen ice or something. I mean it’s sick to watch this guy being attacked by all the scum. And they’re just never going to stop, because they are after us, the bitter clingers, the Christians, the gun owners, the hard workers. They feed off us, and parasites always have disdain for the host. And Trump can’t even roll over, which he won’t. Mr. President, I know you’ll never roll over and compromise. But even if you did, they’re not going to stop. They’ve got to destroy you forever. I said this many times during the campaign, and now they’re saying it. It’s a death battle. We’re the resistance against their tyranny. They’re the resistance against humanity, and free markets, and open free societies. 
And I feel so sorry for people that can’t see it, that have been caught by this weird demon spirit of the age, to just go along with evil and corruption and just thank god, Mr. President, that we're not the scumbag Obama, the loser of eight years, the failure. Now who thinks he can be the big community organizer down the street from you, who brags it’s his plan to bring you down. Then The New York Times acts like it's not true. Codify the data each day, go after them with their own words. Hold up where they admit they were wiretapping your Trump Tower and then show The New York Times saying they're not doing it, just like you have been doing it, and they will fall. 
But you need a set time every day that you go live. They try to say as the president, you shouldn't have a Twitter. Hell, next you shouldn't have blood flowing through your veins. I mean, god, everybody knows you can't talk to foreign leaders as president, and god knows you can't breathe oxygen, and god knows you can't have a Twitter. They want to isolate you, they want to lie about you, and they're not going to stop, you put your family, your treasure on the line, they're going to destroy your family if you don't win. 
And let your family know this. I know they're smart, I know your sons are strong. But let the people in your family know there’s no coming back from this. This is total war. They're not going to let your family roll over, even if you're destroyed. Oh, they will let them roll over at first and then destroy them as well. They're going to destroy you, they're going to destroy Barron, they're going to destroy Eric, they're going to destroy Donald Jr., they're going destroy me, they're going to destroy Matt Drudge, they're going to destroy Ron Paul, they're going to destroy anybody like [White House senior adviser] Stephen Bannon that actually stood up for the little people, because that example can't be allowed. Because if you let one ant stand up, they might all stand up, and those little ants outnumber the parasites 1000 to one. 
If they want a war, let's let them have it. Now they're getting their ass kicked in the economy, your approval ratings are going up. Sir, they don't care. They're going to intimidate and pay off and roll people in your second-level operation to try to burn you. You must go on the offense. This is war. You think George Washington kicked the Redcoats' ass just with information? No. We tried to start this country peacefully; they wouldn't let us. And the rebirth of this country -- and I want peaceful resistance in the info war -- but through your office and through the attorney general they're already trying to broke-back and hamstring. These criminals are all on the Communist Chinese and Russian payroll. They're the ones who sold us out to every foreign interest -- that's what globalism is.
He's nuts. But then so is the president. And many of his followers. What could go wrong?