QOTD: Trumpers

QOTD:  Trumpers

by digby

When asked if he felt vindicated after the Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes rushed up to the White House to share a leak with him (and the media) which says that some Trump transition officials were incidentally surveilled and "unmasked" by intelligence agencies:
"I somewhat do. I must tell you I somewhat do. I very much appreciated the fact that they found what they found, I somewhat do."

He feels "somewhat" vindicated that Devin Nunes broke every protocol to hold a news conference designed to give the president cover for his manic 4 AM tweet two weeks ago.

Unfortunately for him, Nunes is a moron and has opened a Pandora's Box by saying that the intercepts had nothing to do with Russia and implying that there are other FISA warrants out there that picked up conversations with Trump officials. If he hadn't said that one might have assumed that these were the kind of incidental routine intercepts of conversations with foreigners that don't require a FISA warrant. He seems confused.

One thing is now crystal clear. Nunes cannot run the House intelligence committee investigation. As a member of Trump's transition team he should have recused himself from the beginning. Now he's so obviously tainted that he made the best cast yet for an Independent commission and/or a special prosecutor. He should not be given any more access to intelligence reports. After spending the whole day on Monday ragging on leaks to James Comey he just went out and held a press conference hurling charges based upon a ... leak.

These people ...