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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sen. Deb Fischer (R) Questioned at Nebraskan Town Hall on Why She Voted YES to Allow Severe Mentally Ill to Get Guns   

By Spocko

Audio only

Politicians really don't like town halls. Especially when their constituents are upset.

I watched three Town Halls in Nebraska this last week, all Republicans: US Senators Deb Fischer, Ben Sasse and Congressman Jeff Fortenberry.  I saw all three use multiple methods to control the message, the venue, the audience and the media.  I'll describe them in another post, some are subtle, others are blatant.

 However, there are ways to get through to them in a Town Hall so your voice can be heard.  But people need to prepare, because politicians and their staff are paid professionals, especially good at dodging answers and managing messages.

Going to a town hall without this understanding is like being a first time car buyer going up against a long time seller.

I was advising my friends at Nebraskans Against Gun Violence about the
tricks, like only allowing one microphone, last minute meetings and ringing the crowd with armed police.

 To me the essential part of the event is to ensure the constituents are heard.  But to the politicians it's to show the Appearance of being heard.  Because if they really heard the constituents who represent the voters, they would have to change their position.

Here is a case of a politician who, if she really listened to voters, should change her position. Instead she mouths a NRA taking point. But this constituent is prepared.

She did what our media should be doing, but aren't. She points out the flaws in the Senator's response. She asked a follow up. (Politicians hate this!)

I expect the politicians will adapt, they will next demand everyone submit all questions on a sheet of paper or make all town halls telephone only - where they control the audio.

In the meantime, enjoy this video of a woman, Angela Sorensen Thomas, questioning Sen Deb Fischer on her vote to allow mentally ill to buy guns.

Be sure to bookmark this for the first mentally ill person who kills someone because they could get a gun.

Oh wait, it already happened!
Despite Missouri mother's plea, mentally ill daughter was sold a gun. She shot her father an hour later.



Angela Sorensen Thomas questions Sen. Deb Fischer vote to allow the severe mentally ill to buy guns. at Holdrege City Auditorium
Town Hall on March 16, 2017

Angela Sorensen Thomas: AST
Senator Deb Fischer DF

Photos by Eric Gregory Lincoln Journal Star

Angela Sorensen Thomas:
Recently you voted for house joint bill resolution 40. That allows people who are so mentally unstable they need a guardian or representative to manage their bank accounts to buy deadly weapons.

I have a brother-in-law who was one of the 75,000 people in this category. And it terrifies me thinking about him getting a gun. He lives here in Nebraska. Fortunately for us he's in a protected setting and it wouldn't affect him now.

But 10 years ago it would've been deadly for him. Not necessarily that he's a threat to anyone in this room, but he is a threat to himself. Can you explain to me why it's so important for people who cannot manage their own funds, because of severe mental illness, to be able to obtain deadly weapons?


Deb Fischer:
This was a resolution that I happen to agree with the ACLU and other groups on, that it should be reversed. And it's because of the instances where a person on social security would ask or turn over the management of their finances, they would not be able then to able to obtain a gun.

AST: Only if they had been adjudicated as severely mentally ill. ONLY under those circumstances.

DF: So I just say to you that I agreed with the American Civil Liberties Union and others who felt that this regulation, that was put out, was a violation.

AST: I look at this thinking, there is a policy, there is a procedure for people who might have been on that list. 75,000 people who wouldn't be able to get a gun! What about the young woman...

DF: It did not give them due process.

AST: in Missouri whose mother BEGGED, BEGGED the gun store not to sell her daughter a gun because she was so severely mentally ill? She went to the gun store. She bought the gun. She WENT home and shot her father.

Now we don't have a way to stop these people. Adam Lanza was the same situation. But now we can't.

They had gone through their due process and had been determined to be so mentally incompetent they can't handle their own finances. But now [they] can just go out and buy a gun.

DF: Thank you.

What is this bill about? They can't balance a checkbook, but they can by an Ak-47? Madness! Background on bill from my friend Cliff Schecter.

 All 4 Nebraska reps voted for the bill.

NE U.S. Senate Sr Deb Fischer Republican
NE U.S. Senate Jr Ben Sasse Republican
NE U.S. House 1 Jeff Fortenberry Republican
NE U.S. House 3 Adrian Smith Republican  

I also have video of Nebraska Senator Fortenberry trying to explain away his vote to allow the mentally ill to buy guns.