Testing Trumps electoral strength

Testing Trumps electoral strength

by digby

There's a special election in April in Georgia to replace the horrifying Tom Price in the US Congress. This ad is for the Democrat most people I've spoken with think has the best chance to flip the seat. Remember it's a GOP seat. It will be very interested to see if his pitch resonates with voters.

Howie Klein wrote this endorsement for Blue America:

Current polling shows Jon Ossoff with the most support of any of the candidates in the jungle-style primary coming up April 18. He is likely to wind up in a June 20 runoff against one of the very radical right Republicans, either anti-Choice fanatic Karen Handel, former state Senator Judson Hill or crackpot Trump crony Bruce LeVell. Ossoff, a former congressional staffer for civil rights icon John Lewis, who has endorsed him, is benefiting from a wave of enthusiasm from Georgians and other Americans who oppose Tom Price's and Paul Ryan's plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act and debilitate Medicaid and Medicare.

Howie and John Lewis are good enough for me. You can donate to Ossoff here.