He was against it before he was for it #Syria

He was against it before he was for it

by digby

Child victims of poison gas attack in Syria today

"Saddam Hussein throws a little gas, everyone goes crazy, 'oh he's using gas!' They go back, forth, it's the same. And they were stabilized."  --- Psycho Donald Trump December, 2015
There was a horrible gas attack against civilians, including children, in Syria today and despite two public appearances, the president didn't have word to say about it. He undoubtedly admires Assad's "strength and stamina" and willingness to "take out the families" to get the job done.

The White House and Sean Spicer did release a statement condemning the attack --- and blamed it all on Barack Obama for failing to follow through on his threat to intervene militarily if Assad used chemical weapons.

But, as usual, the White House is full of shit.

David Corn reports:
Throughout this episode, Trump tweeted up a storm about Syria. Repeatedly, he declared—occasionally in all-caps!—that Obama should not be messing around in Syria. He said there was no reason to attack Syria or take any action there. Let the Arab League deal with the problem. He was asserting that Obama should not respond to the chemical attacks—a policy certainly in sync with Assad (and his Russian patrons). Stay out of this, Trump demanded, and focus on domestic issues.

Now Trump is blaming Obama for not adopting a more forceful stance against Assad, even though Trump back then repeatedly proclaimed that Obama should ignore the conflict (and crimes against humanity) in Syria...

Trump's response to the horrific Syrian attack follows this pattern: castigate Obama and hope people don't bother to review Trump's past positions. Such situational and brazen hypocrisy may be standard operating procedure for Trump. Yet it carries a greater sting when it concerns massacres and war crimes.

Indeed it does.

I'll bet he asked around to see if we have any stockpiles of such gas. Just in case.