He's with the Nazis

He's with the Nazis

by digby

How many of these loons are there anyway?

A video posted by Representative Clay Higgins from inside a former gas chamber at Auschwitz-Birkenau on Saturday sparked outrage from officials, who took him to task for politicizing a space where around 1.1 million people, most of them Jews, were exterminated. Rather than pausing to reflect in silence as signs request, Higgins, who serves on the U.S. House Homeland Security Committee, chose the somber setting as the backdrop for a call to arms in his home country.

“This is why homeland security must be squared away, why our military must be invincible,” Higgins says in the video, over a violin solo from Holocaust drama Schindler’s List. “The world’s a smaller place now than it was in World War II. The United States is more accessible to terror like this, horror like this. It’s hard to walk away from the gas chambers and ovens without a very sober feeling of commitment — unwavering commitment — to make damn sure that the United States of America is protected from the evils of the world.”

I'm not sure who this Republican congressman is identifying with here. It appears that most people think he's taking the side of the victims of the Holocaust even though his call for a strong military and Homeland Security doesn't exactly scan unless he thinks that Americans are in danger of being shipped off to concentration camps in other countries. Or something.

In fact,  if you look at his other writings it's not entirely clear that he isn't taking the side of the perpetrators:
Higgins’ enthusiasm for Trump and the policies he has ushered in extends beyond homeland security videos filmed in former gas chambers. In a Facebook post last month, the former sheriff’s department spokesman declared that “all of Christendom…is at war with Islamic horror” and called for all Muslims suspected of being “radicalized” to be killed.

“Not a single radicalized Islamic suspect should be granted any measure of quarter,” Higgins wrote. “Their intended entry to the American homeland should be summarily denied. Every conceivable measure should be engaged to hunt them down. Hunt them, identify them, and kill them. Kill them all. For the sake of all that is good and righteous. Kill them all.”

He's an extremely stupid person with no idea about what happened in WWII, obviously. So, giving him the benefit of the doubt, he just doesn't know what he's talking about when it comes to the Holocaust. But his rants about Muslims certainly show him to be a violent, sadistic man --- just the type that ran the death camps. They said "kill them all" too. And they got 6 million of them.