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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Impeach Hillary Clinton

by digby

Jordan Klepper's new show "The Opposition" looks like it's going to be good. He's doing a sort of Jesse Waters send up as a snarky, man on the street conservative. Looks like it will be fun for us stupid liberals who don't understand that Trump voters need to be coddled because of their deep hatred for us:

I especially enjoyed the nice lady who said she wants to "bury" Hillary Clinton. (I mean, who doesn't amirite???)

In just a few weeks, Comedy Central will finally premiere the next series to follow The Daily Show, taking over Larry Wilmore’s old time slot: The Opposition with Jordan Klepper. In his new show, the former Daily Show correspondent will play an Alex Jones-esque megaphone for those who are tired of the “fake-news” media—including CNN, The New York Times, and the like. Character-driven late-night shows are an art form the network has honed with previous successes like The Colbert Report and The President Show—and now Klepper will join their ranks attempting to pull of what is, perhaps, the trickiest use of the gambit yet. Klepper has challenged himself with satirizing alternative-news sources like Breitbart and InfoWars—without mimicking them so closely that The Opposition itself becomes tiresome to exhausted audiences. Viewers already got a whiff of what the show’s formula might look like in a trailer, but in its first clip, The Opposition makes an immediately strong impression.

From the looks of it, this show will be a sort of nouveau Colbert Report anchored by an exaggerated version of Klepper’s old Daily Show persona. This clip finds Klepper at a Trump rally in Phoenix—where, he notes, there is no shortage of reporters. “Look closely. You’re gonna see a lot of cameras out there—and that’s the mainstream media,” he warns before deadpanning, “Don’t trust anyone who’s talking to a camera.”

What does his show oppose? The Resistance, of course—but The Opposition’s long list of enemies doesn’t stop there. “We are anti-mainstream,” Klepper explains. “Anti-Soros; anti-globalist; we’re anti-Oprah’s Book Club; we’re anti-pho. Not antifa, the movement—the Vietnamese soup.” For Klepper and his team, it’s all about exposing the hard truths—like the fact that Chuck Todd totally has a ponytail.

As Klepper conducts man-on-the-street interviews, the clear influence of his Daily Show past is very much present. His Daily Show character was a privileged white dude with plenty of opinions but very little self-awareness; his Opposition character appears to use that as a starting point, but will also dial up the self-assuredness.

And before he signs off, Klepper has one last trick up his sleeve: a petition to impeach Hillary Clinton. As the unsuspecting citizens he finds voice their support for this facetious movement—and, in some cases, even provide signatures—it’s hard not to think of Kimmel’s popular “Lie Witness News” segment, which have exposed plenty of ignorance within the population. We’re guessing there will be more tricks where this one came from on The Opposition, which premieres September 25.