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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

On North Korea: "My attitude is the one that matters" Trust him?

by digby

"It's my attitude that matters"

He says he's "tougher and stronger" than all the people who are giving him advice and ultimately he will do what's right for the country and the world.

Trust him? Trust this imbecile?

This is scaring the living hell out of me. It's my worst nightmare about this guy, the thing I was writing about from hevery beginning. Putting someone with this temperament and this childlike intellect in charge of the world's only superpower is a recipe for catastrophe.

We saw it. They did it anyway. And now they are letting him have enough rope to hang us all so that they can get their judges and their tax cuts. I don't know what good they'll do them when we're all dead but they don't seem to be able to think outside their tiny little ideological box long enough to contemplate that.


“I think the probability of war has increased since January, partly because of actions that President Trump has taken or not taken,” [former defense secretary William]Perry tells Newsweek.

Perry’s comments, made in an interview on the sidelines of the International Luxembourg Forum on Preventing Nuclear Catastrophe, come as Trump is facing two escalating international situations with a nuclear dimension—the future of America’s nuclear agreement with Iran and the escalating rhetoric between the U.S. and North Korea.

On Iran, Perry is clear. “If the deal were abandoned, I think it’s quite clear that Iran will resume the nuclear program that they had before the deal was signed,” he says. “There will be no better deal, there will be no other deal. We will have either that deal or no deal at all.”

Media reports have suggested that Trump will fail to recertify the deal before an October 15 deadline, a move that would not automatically end it, provided that Congress does not decide to impose new sanctions on Iran.

But, says Perry, a presidential commitment to the deal is still important. “It’s not only a bad idea in terms of what it might do relative to Iran in particular.… I think it sends a very bad statement...[with] the United States not being willing to support diplomatic agreements that it has made in good faith.”

A longtime proponent of the Iran deal, Perry says it has gone "a long way to taking the danger away from a war with Iran. We don’t want to be in the position with Iran seven years from now that we are today with North Korea.”

Meanwhile, Perry says the world runs the risk of “blundering” into nuclear catastrophe over North Korea.

“And the blundering, it seems to me, is made more dangerous, more possible, by the inflammatory rhetoric between Kim Jong Un and President Trump, and so I think the rhetoric that the president is using is creating the danger that one side or the other will react.”

He adds, “I think it’s clear that the president does not have experience in international diplomacy, or in dealing with national security issues.”

Yeah, but he sure is entertaining and he insults all the people his voters don't like. That's all that matters.