Sinatra knew how to deal with Trump

Sinatra knew how to deal with Trump

by digby

He told him to go fuck himself:

Weisman managed Sinatra from 1975 to 1998 and recounted the incident in his book The Way it Was, released this month. He said Sinatra was due to perform at the opening of Mr Trump’s Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City and had a deal in place with the new venues original operator Mark Grossinger Etess, who died in a helicopter crash.

The businessman then stepped in to take over the deal which is when he questioned how much Sinatra expected to be paid for his 12 performances. According to Weisman, Mr Trump began the new negotiations by saying the cost for the 12 dates Sinatra was slated to perform was “a little rich”

Mr Trump then also decided he did not need to book the other acts included including Sammy Davis Jr, who had just been diagnosed with cancer, and husband-and-wife pop duo Steve and Eydie. When challenged by Weisman, Mr Trump asked “Who’s Steve and Eydie?”. Weisman says he then tried choking the future president by his tie, but that his son restrained him.

He said he then called Sinatra to tell him what had happened, and singer told him he had two choices; either tell Mr Trump “to go f*** himself” or give the reality show star’s phone number to Sinatra so that he could do it himself.

Weisman says he returned to Trump’s office and told him “Sinatra says go f*** yourself!” Sinatra ended up playing at the Sands in Las Vegas instead.

Trump made a big mistake. But then Trump is a terrible businessman. He's cheap and he's stupid. I mean, how many people have lost money on casinos, golf courses and Manhattan real estate? No wonder he was reduced to being a pitch man for cheap ties and steaks with his name on them before he ran for president. He needed the money.