QOTD: Sad Sean

QOTD: Sad Sean

by digby

It takes one to know one:

“Here’s my view on the Republican Party,” Hannity said to "Breitbart News Tonight" special edition host Stephen Bannon, President Trump's former White House strategist.

“It is a dead party. They are morally corrupt, they are weak. ... They are ineffective, they’re vision-less, and they have no identity,” he said.

Hannity said he doesn't believe he's ever changed politically, but he said he thinks the Republican Party left him.

"And I feel it is heartbreaking to me, because so many people trusted them in 2010, 2014 – 'Give us the House, give us the Senate,' " Hannity said.

"Then they get the White House and then they turn on a man that’s advocating the same principles that they have been quoting for years on the campaign trail,” he said.

He seems to think the GOP has turned on Trump. If only it was true.