Why do we assume his insane behavior is just a function of ego?

Why do we assume his insane behavior is just a function of ego?

by digby

In case you aren't on twitter, I thought you should know what has been on your president's mind this president's day week-end:

He was clearly very moved by his visit to the hospital in Florida. So moved that he blamed the FBI for the deaths of all those kids because they were investigating the Russian intervention.

And the rest of this bizarre series of rants...

This is a very sick man. Very sick. The narcissism and solipsism is more extreme than anything I've ever come across in my life. And I worked in Hollywood.

This tweetstorm has the character of a cornered animal fighting for his life. And yet the indictments that came down didn't implicate him. I know we all assume that it's just his ego at work, that he is so twisted and deranged that he cannot stop doing this because he thinks it taints his victory. He says that himself. So why do we believe it? He's a pathological liar.

Well, I assume it's because his narcissism is so obvious that it's believable that he would go to these lengths to defend his narrow victory.

But what if that's not it? What if he goes to these lengths because he's actually guilty? I certainly am not saying that he has a strategy. He's clearly incapable of that. What I'm saying is that his crazy reaction to the Russia investigation isn't necessarily attributable to his insane ego. It might just be attributable to the fact that he knows he did something very bad and he knows he's going to be caught.

It is not normal for a 71 year old man to behave this way, certainly not normal for a president. But there is no reason to assume that his abnormal behavior is simply a function of his narcissism. It might just as easily be a function of his guilt.