Meanwhile, the Rohingya by tristero

Meanwhile, the Rohingya 

by tristero

On many levels, this just breaks my heart. The human suffering is horrific. And the US is in no position to mitigate it, preoccupied as it is by an unhinged, corrupt president and a dominant political party whose only agenda is rewarding the wealthy while oppressing the powerless:

On April 18, Green and the ISCI released a report finding the Myanmar government guilty of genocidal intent toward the Rohingya, a finding which echoed a chillingly prescient report they issued in 2015. The 2015 report claimed the Rohingya had already been subjected to four of the six stages of genocide: “stigmatisation, harassment, isolation, and systematic weakening.” It warned that in Myanmar, just two stages remained for the Rohingya: “extermination, and ‘symbolic enactment,'” the removal of their existence from official state history. 
At the Berlin Conference on Myanmar Genocide in February, Rainer Schulze, professor of modern European history at the University of Essex in the UK and founding editor of the journal The Holocaust in History and Memory, defined genocide as the “intention to destroy in whole or in part” a distinct community. The 1948 UN Convention On The Prevention and Punishment of Genocide, Schulze explained, “binds all signatories . . . that they must respond when genocide has been identified. The Genocide Convention gives us a very clear definition, and with regards to the Rohingya it is appropriate and must be used.”