It's never the guns

It's never the guns

by digby

QOTD: Santa Fe Texas Residents:

Most residents here didn’t blame any gun for the tragedy down the street. Many of them pointed to a lack of religion in schools.

“It’s not the guns. It’s the people. It’s a heart problem,” said Sarah Tassin, 61. “We need to bring God back into the schools.”

Sure. That will help.

This school was "hardened" by all the standards the gun proliferation activists say should be done. They now say the schools should literally be turned into prisons, with no opportunity for escape apparently, by making only one entrance. (I sure hope there aren't any fires ...)

The new NRA president Oliver North says it's because of Ritalin and "a culture of violence" to which I'm sure he has never contributed.

Again, they suggest that more guns are the answer. Like tax cuts, guns are always the answer.

I thought this was one of the smarter observations I've heard on this subject in a while:

The problem, Kelly said, is "not because we don't have enough guns. If that were the issue, the United States would be the safest country in the world."