Today I'm grateful for Don Jr.'s arrogance @spockosbrain

Today I'm grateful for Don Jr.'s arrogance.

By Spocko

The rich and powerful are used to working the refs, greasing the skids, changing the laws, getting rid of the evidence and undermining the Justice system when all their other tricks fail.

Donald Jr. has tried to copy his father's moves, but he never had the same feral understanding of the world as his father. He also didn't have the layers of lawyers, accountants and fixers that have assisted his Dad for years.

People say that Trump doesn't care about anyone but himself or money, but I think he cares about his kids.  Jr's mistakes and blunders, and his dad's attempt to fix them, are giving the case against Trump Sr. some solid evidence and leverage needed for impeachment.

It won't be the whole case, but because the Don Jr. part can be linked to the election, Russia and his Dad, it is strong.

Think about the need for approval that Donald Trump Sr. has shown. It extends to the whole world! It's a hole he can't fill. Does his son have the same pathology, or just the need to get his father's approval that many sons have?

What would the son do to win his dad's approval? Look at his actions.

I envision Don Jr. as a 5-year old in his father's workshop.  He holds up a power saw. "Look daddy! I'm helping. I'm helping!" 
"Put that down, you'll hurt yourself!"
After getting yelled at the boy goes off and sulks, "I'll show him!"

If Don Jr. was dedicated and smart he could have gone on to learn the trade and rules (and how the crooked break them.) But he took the shortcuts the rich and arrogant use. For this I am grateful.

The good news is that Don Jr.'s desire for approval, combined with his stupidity, laziness and arrogance has made it easier to bust him, and then his father.

We are fighting rich powerful people who lie constantly and break the few laws they haven't changed to be legal. They have been getting away with it for years.

I can see now that the case against Trump will use the son's attempt to impress his father, then use the father's attempt to protect his son to bring down the father.

In another era this would be a Homeric tragedy. In ours it's an episode of the Simpsons.