What On Earth Is the New Yorker STILL Thinking? by tristero

What On Earth is the New Yorker STILL Thinking? 

by tristero

The New Yorker decided it suffered from too great a reputation for excellence and had far too many subscribers. Therefore, they decided to interview the odious Steve Bannon on stage at their New Yorker Festival, a fairly major and prestigious event here in NYC.

Fortunately, they thought better of it once the news came out. But then, David Remnick, The New Yorker's editor, said this:
"I've thought this through and talked to colleagues—and I've re-considered. I've changed my mind. There is a better way to do this. Our writers have interviewed Steve Bannon for The New Yorker before, and if the opportunity presents itself I'll interview him in a more traditionally journalistic setting as we first discussed, and not on stage."
WTF? In the wake of a world-wide resurgence of right wing extremism including neo-Nazism, xenophobia, and racism, Remnick wants to give one of the most unscrupulous and unsavory architects of this madness even more free fucking publicity?

How about Elizabeth Warren? Ocasio-Cortez? Andrew Gillum? Bernie Sanders? Rachel Maddow? Or anyone else prominently involved in the effort to resist and help this world get back on its feet after the catastrophic damage Bannon has wreaked on us?

We live in strange times.