The mind of a child

The mind of a child

by digby

A dim child. This passage shows him contradicting himself with the space of a minute. I can't get past the idea that people think this guy is brilliant --- or even mentally competent:

WALLACE: When Democrats flipped the House back in 2006 and picked up 30 seats, President Bush 43 had a news conference the next day and said, “We had a thumping.” Last week, in this election, the House picked up, so far it’s 36 seats, it may be on the way to 40 seats and your reaction was that it was almost a complete victory.

TRUMP: I won the Senate, you don’t mention that.

WALLACE: But, well – I--

TRUMP: Excuse me, I won the Senate.

WALLACE: I understand that but--

TRUMP: I think they said 88 years.

WALLACE: But this was a -- this was a historically big defeat in the House. You lost 36, maybe 40 seats. Some would argue that it was a thumping. And I want to talk about some of the ways in which you lost. You lost in traditionally Republican suburbs, not only around liberal cities like Philadelphia and D.C. but also red-state big cities like Houston and Oklahoma City. You lost among suburban women. You lost among independents and, in three key states that I think you remember pretty well -- Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan -- you lost both the governor seats and the senate seats.

TRUMP: Are you ready? I won the Senate, and that’s historic too, because if you look at presidents in the White House it’s almost never happened where you won a seat. We won -- we now have 53 as opposed to 51 and we have 53 great Senators in the U.S. Senate. We won. That’s a tremendous victory. Nobody talks about that. That’s a far greater victory than it is for the other side. Number two, I wasn’t on the ballot. I wasn’t--

WALLACE: Wait -- wait a minute you said -- you kept saying--

TRUMP: I said look at me -- I said look me.

WALLACE: You said, “Pretend I’m on the ballot...”

TRUMP: But I have people and you see the polls, how good they are, I have people that won’t vote unless I’m on the ballot, OK? And I wasn’t on the ballot. And almost everybody that I won -- I think they said it was 10 out of 11. And I won against President Obama and Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama in a great state called Georgia for the governor. And it was all stacked against Brian and I was the one that went for Brian and Brian won. Look at Florida. I went down to Florida. Rick Scott won and he won by a lot. I don’t know what happened to all those votes that disappeared at the very end. And if I didn’t put a spotlight on that election before it got down to the 12,500 votes he would of lost that election, OK? In my opinion he would have lost. They would have taken that election away from him. Rick Scott won Florida. You’d have to say, excuse me, a man named Ron DeSantis is now your governor -- your new governor of Florida. A wonderful man named DeWine is your governor of the great state of Ohio. Remember what they used to say before my election? You cannot win unless you win Ohio. I won Ohio. We had a tremendous set of victories. You look at the victories--

WALLACE: But if you can’t carry -- and you certainly didn’t carry it two weeks ago -- Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania -- you’re not going to get reelected.

TRUMP: I didn’t run. I wasn’t running. My name wasn’t on the ballot. There are many people that think, “I don’t like Congress,” that like me a lot. I get it all the time; “Sir, we’ll never vote unless you’re on the ballot.” I get it all the time. People are saying, “Sir, I will never vote unless you’re on the ballot. I say, “No, no, go and vote.” “Well, what do you mean?” As much as I try and convince people to go vote, I’m not on the ballot.

First of all, George W. Bush won a Senate majority in the 2002 midterm. But whatever.

You can see the disordered nature of his mind. Where Republicans won it was because of him. Where they didn't win it was because he wasn't on the ballot. It makes no sense. The whole idea is irrational.

But as I have said before, this is about Trump being desperately afraid of being seen as a loser. He knows that is the kiss of death among many of his cult members. If they come to believe that he's not the Giant Slayer, all the bad stuff will come to the surface and they will see him for who he really is.

He doesn't understand much, but he understands that.

Update: The Finnish press reports on this idiocy. They don't rake the forest. Also, they are an arctic country.